Class Descriptions

Show classes for:
Let's Dance (ages18 months-2)

This class is a great option for those children just getting started in the wonderful world of dance! Locomotive skills, beginner dance steps, counting, colors, shapes, and the rules of the classroom are taught through song, dance, and games! This class will perform only one routine in our annual spring recital.

Ballet & Tap Combination- Preschool

These classes provide a strong understanding of both ballet and tap terminology as well as provide a strong foundation to build upon a higher level of training. Basic locomotive skills are reinforced and as the students advance the combinations of steps become more complex.

Preschool 1: ages 3-4


It is the true foundation for any dance discipline and is essential to the progress of any dancer's training. Students will gain a stronger sense of strength, coordination, fluidity, and grace within their own bodies. All ballet classes will provide an understanding of the terminology, body placement, and performance quality of this art form.

Dancers should be have hair secured in a bun.

*Pointe: This is for the serious and well-trained ballerina. This class is taken in addition to regular ballet classes taken.

**This class is mandatory for all competition dancers.

Contemporary (ages 7+)

Contemporary is a dance form that fuses ballet, jazz, lyrical, and modern styles. The technique and discipline of ballet are essential while the creative freedom of jazz is incorporated. Intense emotional expression of the face and body are what dancers strive to achieve when connecting with the movements of this style.

Fitness Infusion

This class is designed to get you in shape and feeling great! This class will incorporate cardio intervals, dance, & strength training.

Pointe 2 Perfection Competition Team

This elite group of dancers train, rehearse, and perform all year round. They compete in at least two competitions a year. These dancers are extremely dedicated and show potential while working hard at every aspect of dance training.

Ballet & Tap Combination- Level 2

This class will provide a strong understanding of both ballet and tap terminology as well as provide a strong foundation to build upon a higher level of training. Dancers will start with a ballet barre and move to center and across the floor combinations.  Dancers will train in the Veganova method.  Dancers will work speed and more complex combinations of steps in tap.

Level 2- ages 6-9


Our jazz classes are always packed with tons of fun! Dancers will start with a warm up that will get their bodies stretching and conditioned for across the floor and center combinations.  Our jazz class provides a mix of the traditional style of this genre and hip hop or more popular moves of the current times.


ages 9-14

Boys Club

For all the boys out there this class is for you!!  This class will be a combination of jazz, hip hop, & fitness.  We will dance to the latest music while getting all of our energy out.  This high energy, non-stop moving class will leave your boy tired for bed!


Ages 3+

Fridays 5-5:45

Adult Tone & Sculpt

This class is for all those that want to tone and get the body they have always wanted! This class will use Barre, free weights, cardio, & more.  This class will leave your body feeling good and ready for the summer months ahead.


Saturdays 8:45-9:45 

Tiny Tots Adventure- ages 18 months-2.5

This class will give your little one the experience of all that dance has to offer.  We will dabble in it all; music, dance, acro, stories, and much more.  This is the perfect option for those active little ones because they will be constantly moving and changing activities.  This is a class that will have parent/guardian participation.

Adult Tap

If you have always dreamed of taking a tap class or danced when you were younger this is the class for you! 

Tap- Advanced

This level is mandatory for competition team dancers.

Mix It Up!

This class features jazz, hip hop, & pom.  This will keep your dancer entertained the entire time!

ages 6-10

Private Lessons

These lessons are scheduled in 1/2 hour increaments.  This is a one on one student teacher ratio. These lessons are catered to the individual dancers needs.  These lessons can focus solely on technique, pageant preparation, competition choreography, or anything else you are looking to get personalized help on.

Ballet & Tap Combination- Level 3

This class is for dancers that have completed 4-5 years of dance training. This is an advanced level and will move faster and build upon more complex steps and combinations.

Tiny Boppers

Hip Hop for ages 4-7


Please join us for a very fancy dance camp!

Each day will be a different Fancy theme!! We will learn fancy dances, make fancy crafts, and have a fancy spa day of course!


Dancers are encouraged to wear their fanciest dance clothing. Please bring a snack and water.




AUGUST 3-7 5:00-7:00 PM



Have some fun dancing, making crafts for you & your doll, and playing games the American Girl way. Don’t have an American Girl doll no problem bring your favorite doll!


Join us at the Pointe 2 Perfection Castle for a royal adventure you won't forget! Come dressed in your best for our royal tea party on the last day!




ages 2-5

A fun class themed around books brought to life through dance!

TAP jr/mini team

This class is for the jr/mini competition team

Mini Team

This class will be a technique class for the mini competition team

Jr Competition Team

This class is for the Jr competiton team